Renovating Historic Properties


Jun 16, 2020

Renovating Historic Houses: Combining Contemporary Living with Old-World Charm
The handcrafted architectural details from generations past when combined with modern functionality can create the home of your dreams.

With many baby boomers retiring in Philadelphia, the neighborhoods of Rittenhouse Square and Old City are becoming popular locations because of easy walkability to shops and shows. This simple life without needing a car has many advantages.

Benefits of Historic Properties
Historic homes are known for charming details and large windows. Rooftop kitchens and garden sanctuaries are popular additions that add charm and the benefit of entertaining outside in nature with the birds singing and beautiful skyline views.
Windows and outside elements will need approval from the local Historic Society so that the features stay true to the original architecture. Wood windows with divided light can be custom made. Existing decorative moldings can be easily repaired to their original splendor.

Cozy brick fireplaces can be updated and wood flooring can be refinished to create the striking appearance of traveling to a different time period.

How to Make Historic Properties Comfortable and Livable
To update for contemporary living, it is a good idea to start with the kitchen. This area may need to be expanded to make way for modern appliances and more cabinets. Marble flooring or penny round floors can create Old World style. You can add a New World twist by placing radiant floor heat underneath the flooring.
Modernize the kitchen with today’s kitchen appliances enhanced by improved technologies. Granite countertops can be added for a luxurious feel.

To allow sunlight through the interior rooms, glass French doors or clear glass doors can be added. For more privacy for a home office, perhaps you would prefer wood doors.

Old-fashioned tubs can be combined with an accessible shower that provides for easy wheelchair entry. Many families like to install elevators for easy access to the third floor and rooftop patio.

Working With An Experienced Contractor
The best practice is to work with a contractor with experience renovating historic homes. At Hellers Building and Remodeling, we have transformed Philadelphia historic homes on Delancey Street in Rittenhouse Square and in Old City. We are a family-owned company and are known for being detail oriented with expertise in custom projects.

Contact us today for a quote to add modern functionality and luxury to your home, while keeping historic architectural elements in tact.