Bathroom Remodel? Yes, Please.


Jun 16, 2020

For some, a bathroom is a place for “doing business” but for others, it’s more. It’s a relaxation destination, a spa, one of the proudest features of their home. If this isn’t the case in your home, all that’s standing between you and a lavish loo is a remodel – our Montgomery County remodeling contractors can help.

There are a number of ways to remodel a bathroom. You could change the surfaces, format or even gut and rebuild it from scratch. Depending on your desired end result, a DIY, contractor partnership or sole contractor project could be in the works.

You understand what remodeling is, but before you let your imagination get too carried away, with the current state of the real estate market and economy, aren’t you just throwing your money away, you ask.

Although it’s true the value of the return on remodeling projects had diminished in past years, according to Remodeling Magazine, 2013 projects are far more profitable. Of the 35 most popular remodeling projects they listed, including bathroom remodels and additions, each one saw an increase in recouped cost when the resale values were taken into account – especially replacing siding in Montgomery County.

You may not make back all of your money if you sell your home this year but, if the trend continues, you should get increasingly more each year. Even with a return of around 60 percent (current estimate of return), you get most of your money back and a room you won’t be embarrassed for guests to enter.

So what should you do and who should you have do it? As mentioned earlier, that all depends on the project you decide to tackle. You see, expanding or remodeling a bathroom is different from doing a bedroom or closet; you aren’t just knocking down and re-erecting walls.

With bathrooms, there is underlying plumbing and electricity that makes things more complicated and requires extra care, if not licensure. Such interferences and issues with this would occur when you tried to relocate the toilet to where the shower was, turn a tub to a shower and vice versa or you demo the room completely.

Things you can probably do on your own would include:

  • Painting
  • Laying laminate tile flooring
  • Installing bead board
  • Sealing cracks in tub/shower
  • Shower liner installation
  • Some glazing projects

Even with these projects, it’s still suggested that you attain expert advice as a bathroom has the interesting dynamic of being a wet environment – certain products and techniques need to be used to ensure success and to prevent problems from escalading. After all, a huge factor determining how much return you get back depends on what you put in. If you tackle jobs on your own that you end up having to pay a pro to redo, you can kiss your return goodbye.

Projects that are almost always better left in the hands of pros include:

  • Building a tiled shower
  • Tile; ceramic, porcelain and natural
  • Switch the location of the toilet and shower
  • Add additional lighting or
  • Switch from shower to tub

What’s also nice about calling the pros in is – depending on your Montgomery County bathroom remodeling project’s size – you could arrange for the project to be completed while you are on vacation or on a business trip. The transformation can be even more rewarding and stress-free when the next time you see you bathroom, it’s finished – no dust, painters tape, tools on the floor or sweat off your brow.

Call today for an estimate, second look or for advice on what will or won’t work in your space. We’ve seen and renovated many living spaces and would be happy to use our experience to help you make budget friendly and hassle free transition into a more lavish loo.