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Hail Damaged Siding

During the storm of 7/25/16, Lansdale PA and surrounding areas were hit with hail of 1 inch and larger – click here to read more on this hail storm.  If you live in or near Lansdale PA, be sure to check your siding for any hail damage.

Wind and hail often cause damage to siding.  Hail damage to vinyl siding can be seen as breaks, cracks or holes in the siding.  Hail damage to aluminum siding can be seen as dents throughout the entire elevation of aluminum siding.

If you think that your home siding may have been damaged by hail, then contact Hellers, a Montgomery and Bucks County Building and Remodeling Company, to request a free estimate.  We’ll determine the extent of the damage and provide you with an estimate to fix the hail damage.


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