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Category Archives: Home Additions

Autumn the Perfect Time for Home Additions

Within a few weeks, there’s a good chance we’ll be greeted with some cold and snow.
Homeowners may not think that fall is the best season to work on their homes, however, there’s so many projects that you can complete.

“Autumn may actually be the ideal time for many home projects, particularly additions,” explains Ed Heller of Hellers in Lansdale PA. “It’s not freezing cold yet and we’re slowly getting closer to the time where families want to show off their homes for the holiday season.”

The following ideas This Old House Magazine and Heller himself should help you brainstorm your next project.

  1. Add a home office -You might want a nice, quiet place to get some work done at home. Depending on the amount of space you have available, you may be able to build a bookcase, put up wall-mounted shelves or even create custom cabinets for an attractive look.
  2. Create a sun room – One of the specialty additions performed by Heller includes a sun room. It’s no secret that families want to stay warm and cozy during the colder months. Building an environment that allows the sun to come in can be the perfect investment this time of year.
  3. Install a handicapped accessible bathroom – If you have a loved one that could use some more convenience while in the bathroom, we can turn your standard bathroom into one that’s handicapped accessible.

The possibilities don’t stop there, though. The Lansdale addition builders of Hellers can turn your kitchen or bathroom into the most incredible room of your home.

“Our kitchen expansions are very popular right now,” Ed says. “The bathroom additions we do enlarge an average bathroom into a fabulous resort. We stand by the idea that bathrooms should not only be functional, but also beautiful and luxurious.”

For more information about our addition services or kitchen and bathroom remodeling, feel free to visit our website or call the office. Hellers provides a variety of services, including roofing, siding, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, deck building, additions, and stucco remediation. Hellers serves Montgomery County and Bucks County.

How to Improve Your Homes Value with a Building Addition

There are many ways to improve the value of your home. Some home improvements are quick and easy, such as painting the walls or replacing existing light fixtures. Other home improvements require a little more effort, like updating the flooring or overhauling your landscaping. Then, there are projects that typically require professional help ofremodeling contractors. Extensive remodeling projects that are over the head of most homeowners might include a bathroom upgrade or a completely new addition.

When it comes to adding onto your home, there are many factors to consider. Obviously the location of the addition is the most important decision. The answer to this question is influenced by many elements of the existing home including the location of load-bearing walls and even where septic tanks or wells might be located. Having a set of your homes architectural plans can make this part of the process easier, but it is not necessary.

Building additions can greatly improve your home’s value, but not always in the way you might imagine. The obvious increase usually comes in the form of a jump in property value. Larger homes are worth more. Less obviously, your home’s value can increase in intangible ways, ways that are primarily noticed by you and the people you live with. It might be that when you add a media room, you can create a place where the entire family can come together for gaming and movie watching, increasing opportunities for family bonding. The size of the room does not have to be limited by the footprint of your home.

Sometimes people want to add on to their homes just a small amount of space, to ease up what might be an otherwise cramped room. However, there are times when going a little bit bigger than you originally planned has an exponentially higher return. In some cases, building on in increments of 4 feet can actually keep your costs even to adding on something that is only 3 feet wide. The reason for this is that many building materials are sold in 4 feet increments. So, you see, you may pay for an extra foot of materials, but you are not paying the labor to cut materials down to size.

When you are ready to seriously consider adding onto your home, it is OK to spend some time dreaming about what you want the space to look like. Then, you can schedule a free consultation to figure out how to make those dreams a reality. By working with a professional building contractor, you can be sure the exterior of your addition will match the existing home. Heller’s Building is also a North Wales siding expert and will do their best to match your addition to your current siding. They are also the premier Southampton kitchen remodeling firm and would love to collaborate with you on how to improve your kitchen to increase your home’s value.