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How to Improve Your Homes Value with a Building Addition

There are many ways to improve the value of your home. Some home improvements are quick and easy, such as painting the walls or replacing existing light fixtures. Other home improvements require a little more effort, like updating the flooring or overhauling your landscaping. Then, there are projects that typically require professional help ofremodeling contractors. Extensive remodeling projects that are over the head of most homeowners might include a bathroom upgrade or a completely new addition.

When it comes to adding onto your home, there are many factors to consider. Obviously the location of the addition is the most important decision. The answer to this question is influenced by many elements of the existing home including the location of load-bearing walls and even where septic tanks or wells might be located. Having a set of your homes architectural plans can make this part of the process easier, but it is not necessary.

Building additions can greatly improve your home’s value, but not always in the way you might imagine. The obvious increase usually comes in the form of a jump in property value. Larger homes are worth more. Less obviously, your home’s value can increase in intangible ways, ways that are primarily noticed by you and the people you live with. It might be that when you add a media room, you can create a place where the entire family can come together for gaming and movie watching, increasing opportunities for family bonding. The size of the room does not have to be limited by the footprint of your home.

Sometimes people want to add on to their homes just a small amount of space, to ease up what might be an otherwise cramped room. However, there are times when going a little bit bigger than you originally planned has an exponentially higher return. In some cases, building on in increments of 4 feet can actually keep your costs even to adding on something that is only 3 feet wide. The reason for this is that many building materials are sold in 4 feet increments. So, you see, you may pay for an extra foot of materials, but you are not paying the labor to cut materials down to size.

When you are ready to seriously consider adding onto your home, it is OK to spend some time dreaming about what you want the space to look like. Then, you can schedule a free consultation to figure out how to make those dreams a reality. By working with a professional building contractor, you can be sure the exterior of your addition will match the existing home. Heller’s Building is also a North Wales siding expert and will do their best to match your addition to your current siding. They are also the premier Southampton kitchen remodeling firm and would love to collaborate with you on how to improve your kitchen to increase your home’s value.

Questions to Ask When Remodeling Your Basement

Remodeling your basement sounds like a great idea. Turning it from a concrete, oversized laundry room into something useful and inviting is the dream of nearly every homeowner. But actually making that happen is another story all together.

It is one thing to “dream the dream” and quite another to make that dream a reality. There are a lot of big decisions to make when you want to transform such a large space of your home. What you want to do with the space, how much money you have to spend on it, and then who will perform the work are the three most important decisions you will make.watch full The Drop 2014 film online

The first of these decisions, what to do with the basement, is probably going to be a collaborative effort with your family. Each person will have their own ideas, whether it is for a Pinterest inspired laundry room, a fully loaded man cave, or an apartment for your in-laws. Sometimes, it is possible to make space for a bit of each of these things. Other times, it might require reorganizing the first or second level to make your home ideally suited for your lifestyle.

Determining your budget for a home remodeling project like this comes with its own set of questions too. Will you pay for it in cash? Does the project need to be financed? How much value will this renovation add to the home? Will you be in this home long enough to realize that value? Do you anticipate any income changes in the near future that might cause you to move up or push back the start date? When you want to complete a renovation like this it is important to explore your options from as many angles as possible, so taking the time to answer these questions will hopefully save you some drama once you get into the process.

Of course, once you know what you want and how much you have to spend, it is time to find the company to do the work. Maybe you are ambitious and handy and you want to do the basement remodel yourself. If so, be sure and become knowledgeable about local permitting laws, especially for electrical and plumbing work. You can always choose to outsource these jobs to a professional firm like Heller’s Building and Remodeling, and tackle things like the flooring and walls yourself.

If DIY is not your style, then choosing a contractor who can take you from bare concrete walls all the way to a fully functioning, highly useable space is a good idea. Look for a contractor with experience in all the trades needed to complete your transformation.

Not only is Heller’s Building and Remodeling a Montgomery County building additions firm, but they can handle your basement remodeling job as well. With experience on both the inside and the outside of the home, they are capable of handling any job you take to them. Roofing and siding jobs are also possible when you hireMontgomery County remodeling contractors at Heller’s.

Now is the Right Time to Install a Metal Standing Seam Roof

It might seem like there is never a good time to undergo a major home renovation or repair. Nothing could be further from the truth. The best time to work on upgrading or repairing your home is before you absolutely need it. If you wait too long to replace an older or failing roof, the consequences could be extreme resulting in an even bigger disruption to your life as interior damage must also be repaired.

Exterior makeovers of a home are best done when the weather is cooperating, which means starting the projects in time to finish them before the rainy or snowy seasons come. Of course, if you do wait, you can spend the winter months planning and preparing for your home’s face-lift.

Replacing your roof before it fails is the smart choice. No matter what type of roofing surface you currently have, it is possible to choose a metal standing seam roof. Depending on the details, metal roofing is compatible with both modern and rustic home designs. Earlier this year, a metal roof was even featured on an episode of This Old House as the homeowners looked to elaborate on a low maintenance, yet rustic, theme for their home’s exterior.

Metal roofing is not just for commercial buildings any longer. If a standing seam style does not suit you, shingles, tiles, and shakes are also available in a variety of metal colors and textures. Homes in historic neighborhoods as well as suburban subdivisions can all benefit from metal roofing surfaces.

Aside from the aesthetic advantages, there are also energy advantages to choosing a metal roof. Modern manufacturing utilizes reflective pigment technology while assists in lowering utility bills. As the sun beats down on your house, a metal roof will make it easier to keep your home cool. Additionally, homeowners with metal roofs are doing the environment a favor because the materials are made up of anywhere from 30 to 60 percent recycled material.

In addition to thinking about the timing of a renovation, most homeowners look at renovations from an economic standpoint as well. This means you want to know what kind of return you can get on your roofing investment. According to the Remodeling 2012–13 Cost versus Value Report (www.costvsvalue.com), on average, a Middle-Atlantic home can recoup more than 60 percent of their costs when replacing a roof. This is in line with other exterior Quakertown remodeling projects. You can realize an even greater return on investment if your siding is also replaced.

Heller’s Building and Remodeling, also a Quakertown roofing firm, offers a free in-home consultation to help you find a roofing style and color to suits your neighborhood and tastes.